Frequent Questions

How did you guys get into weddings?
We both graduated from CU Boulder in 2003 with degrees in journalism. I started working for a ski magazine, and Jenny was doing freelance work. We both knew we wanted photography to be our career, and at the time, wedding photography was going from the cheesy, posey thing it used to be to something different. Couples were looking for a more creative, documentary approach and that totally suited us. We started shooting weddings 9 years ago and haven’t ever looked back.

What’s your style like?
Coming from a journalism background, I suppose it could best be described as creative documentary. We’re there to photograph the day as it happens and although we come in full of energy, we’re not there to interfere in the way things unfold naturally.  We take pride in getting great creative portraits of the two of you. We’re all about photographing you as part of the environment you chose for the wedding and we use interesting light, composition and angles to achieve that.

We’d love to meet with you, but this is a destination wedding for us. What else can we do?
No problem at all. Most of our couples actually hire us without without having met in person. We work really hard to answer email quickly and thoroughly and we’re always happy to have a good chat on the phone or over Skype.

What’s the engagement session all about? What if I’m not local?
We frickin’ love engagement sessions! A huge part of this whole experience is about you being comfortable with us, and nothing beats actually doing a shoot together. Not only will you get some incredible photographs, but we’ll get to know each other even better and you’ll see what a session with us is really like. If you aren’t local, we’re happy to come to where you are for the engagement photos. We travel a lot, so if we’ll be crossing paths, we can usually work something out.

How do you arrange travel and lodging?
We’ll take care of booking our own transportation after we’ve discussed the price with you. We’re always considering budget and we book the least expensive option that works for everyone. For lodging, we ask that you put us up wherever all the other guests are staying so we can be close to the action and never miss an opportunity for a great photo.

Is it all candid shots and portraits or do you photograph details and family group photos too?
Of course, absolutely! We want to make sure we capture every aspect of the wedding and great details and family portraits are a big part of that. Great portraits and creative little details are a big part of the final product.

What if we’re not that comfortable in front of the camera?
Join the club! It isn’t something most people have experience with, and it also isn’t something to worry about. We try and be really fun and easy going, and you’ll find yourself getting comfortable with the process right away. We’ll coach you when we need to, and you can just focus on being yourselves.

What about rain/snow/hurricane?
Of course a beautiful, sunny blue sky day is nice…but we’ve gotten some of our favorite shots when the weather doesn’t quite cooperate. We look at the elements like an awesome challenge and opportunity to get some really cool shots. If you can be relaxed about it, we can work with anything.

Do you need a shot list?
A list of family shots always helps, particularly in bigger families. Otherwise, we’re very conscious about capturing all the elements of your day including shots of your dress, jewelry, shoes, flowers, food and reception décor.

Do you always work as a team?
We love to work together as we feel that we compliment each other very well, and that our clients get the very best of what we do when we work as a team. That said, we’re very picky about our associate photographers and you can count on the same quality and experience if we are working with one of our associates instead.

How long does it take to get our photos?
Because we put a lot of time and love into the editing process, it can take up to four to six weeks. That said, it’s because we’re working hard to make sure your photos are the best they can be!

How do your collections work?
We have a few example collections for you to take a look at if you’d like, but we actually prefer to build individual collections for each of our clients. No two couples are the same, and your style should be reflected in your wedding photography collection. From full weekend extravaganzas to intimate elopements, we can tailor things to deliver the products you are looking for, at a price that works for everyone.